Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dealing with the opposite sex

Speaking from the male standpoint.....trying to understand women and their motives can be a challenging undertaking! Knowing the right things to say, proper etiquette, etc. can change in a moments notice; and if you dont know which direction the wind is blowing....you will get sunk at sea.
A male ego is a wonder to behold and tho we may protray absolute confidence....we all tend to buckle when in the presence of that "one" woman that we desire. The hard part is not only overcoming that fear, but actually approaching her in the right way and not blowing maybe your one and only chance....
Even after achieving success in the dating scene, I still always wondered if I was doing things right.....especially when confronted with a woman that seemed out of my league. Was it even possible? Did I have a shot?
There may not be a foolproof method guys....but there are techniques that can be learned....and perfected.....and will lead to a much more full dating scene. As I soon found out.....we all do have a shot, and the honest truth......more often than not, the women are just as nervous and insecure as we are....and even more applicable to the so-called "bombshells".... learn the approach and good luck to all!!

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